Colding Advisors

Servicies what we offers


Thanks to our academic training and professional experience in various sectors, we have extensive knowledge of the legal, financial, and private equity markets. Due to the close relationship, we have with the candidates and the deep knowledge we have of our clients, we are specialists in identifying the profiles that best suit the organizations, considering not only their functional or technical fit, but also the personal and cultural.

We monitor the selection process, being in constant communication and advice with the client, managing timings, coordinating meetings, and handling the expectations of the parties involved with total transparency.

We accompany our clients from the moment the need or opportunity arises to add value through the incorporation of talent, not only until the moment in which the hiring or incorporation of the candidate is concluded, but also by carrying out a mid-term follow-up.


Executive positions are, without a doubt, the ones that have the greatest impact on the development of any company, and for this type of position the most sensible strategic decision is, for different reasons, to associate with specialists in complex and precise searches.

It is becoming more and more expensive to find talent with the ambition of accessing managerial or partner positions and, in addition, we are experiencing how there is an increasing turnover in existing positions in the organizational leadership.

Under these circumstances, Colding Advisors is presented as a solution to mitigate direct and indirect costs and/or resources that may arise from poor decision-making, or the execution of processes with a lack of transparency.

We work quickly and accurately to find the ideal profile that, depending on the type of client, its needs, and the type of position to be filled, will be a profile with some characteristics or others. Therefore, we carry out specialized, individualized, and tailor-made work for each of our clients.

Market and remuneration studies.

The proper functioning of organizations in professional services is directly linked to the performance of their human capital, and therefore it is important to attract the best talent. But on many occasions and with the market so polarized that currently exists in professional services, the retention of talent is almost the most important task in organizations.

At Colding Advisors, we also provide advice by analysing and detecting the structural and organizational aspects that can be improved so as not to slow down the professional development of the members of the various teams and that this may lead to a brain drain. Likewise, the proximity to clients and candidates gives us a 360 view and allows us to be up to date with market trends and the potential threats that they may pose to our clients.

Our constant contact with the various market agents allows us to provide tailor-made remuneration study services, while designing salary compensation structures and programs in accordance with the size and sector of the company.